No Firearms Licence or Experience Required!
All Shooting Done One-on-One with a safety instructor

Activities run from 10am until 4pm
* All shooters must sign in at the registration table by 2pm

Action Shotgun

Action Shotgun is a fun, fast paced game where steel targets are used. Reactive targets such as falling plates are also used when practical to enhance shooter feedback and spectator appeal.

Clay Target Shooting

In clay target shooting the targets may be launched from a single position, generally away from the shooter or launched from two positions in somewhat “sideways” paths that intersect in front of the shooter. There will also be some station targets for the shooter to engage.

Handgun Shooting

The indoor range will accommodate ten charity shooters. Participants may select from eight (9mm) pistols and two (22LR) pistols. Shooters will engage a paper target with two strings of five rounds. A total of 10 rounds will be shot by each participant. Each shooter will have an instructor or range officer with them at arms length and at all times. Participants will hang their targets and set them at a distance of 10m or closer via an electrical target retrieval system.

Rifle Shooting

Participants will be one on one with an instructor shooting at paper targets 20 meters away. Participants will shoot 2 magazines of 5 rounds for a total of 10, extra rounds can be purchased at the registration table if you want to try again. Our target changers will retrieve your target so you may take it home to show friends and family.

Ammunition generously donated by Rangeview Sports